Travel Bee
Travel Bee

Hello! I am Travel Bee !!

・Born in 1990’s

・Travel: 35 countries

Curious Kitty
Curious Kitty

Hi Travel Bee!

I am Curious Kitty.

I wanna go see the world

…But how should I start?

There are so many things to see in this world. You might be wondering from where to start. Temples, food, attractions, sports, etc..

This blog is for a person

  • No time to plan : Who are busy to plan their trip
  • Enjoy to the max: Still, who wants to enjoy as much as possible
  • Experience Deeper :Who wants to learn the city deeper by learning history
Travel Bee
Travel Bee

I created a One Day Itinerary !

Would you like to see?

Why is this blog recommended ?

  • Just follow the plan : These are the plan I created considering the most efficinet way to look around with limited time. The plan includes logistics so in case you do not have time to research, you can just follow the ininerary
  • Based on Local information and research : I created this plan based on the information I read and heard from locals and my own research
  • Learn at a glance :This blog shares history, culture, things to keep in mind at a glance to experience the city even deeper
Travel Bee
Travel Bee

Mainly sharing one day itinerary. However, you can combine the introduced inineraries and create your own travel plan for two days, three days or more!

Hello fellow wanderers! I’ve had the privilege of living in 6 countries and exploring 35 others, spanning over 100 cities! On weekends, I’ll be sharing my adventures from these travels. Throughout my journeys, I’ve often longed to delve deeper into the history and culture of the places I’ve visited, but balancing work and study commitments made it challenging.

I recognize that we’re all as busy as bees with our own tasks at hand. So, here’s my solution: I’m creating a blog where we can enhance our travel experiences by delving into the stories and cultures of the cities we visit, enriching our adventures.

Life itself is a journey full of surprises, highs, and lows. In addition to travel tales, I’ll also be sharing reflections and lessons learned along the way. Hopefully, these insights will resonate with some of you too.

That’s all from me for now. If you have any suggestions or requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s make the most of this journey called life!

Travel Bee