Prague in a Day: Exploring the Heart of Bohemia

Experience Prague’s highlights in a day! Explore Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Lesser Town, Wenceslas Square, and more. An unforgettable journey awaits!

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Travel Bee
Travel Bee

Hello! I am Travel Bee ! I will be sharing one day itinerary in Prague! Also, please check out the Prague Card which provides unlimited free transportation and one free entrance to museums. FYI: Two days pass is 1,280 CZK. Here we go!

One day czech itinerary
Strahov monastery
St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague castel
Mala stana
 Charles bridge
old town square
Prague jewish quarter
Wenceslas Square
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1. Strahov Monastery (9:00-10:00)

The most beautiful library in the world. Can see panoramic view of Prague castle and the city from the observation deck.

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  • Opening Hours 9:00-17:00
  • Fees: 150 CZK
  • Google Map

Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

2.  St.Vitus Cathedral (10:30-11:00)

St.Vitus cathedral view

The biggest church where Royal coronation and burial were held.

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Image by Vined from Pixabay

3. Prague Castle (11:00-12:00)

Prague castle view

With a hisotry over 1,000 years, recorded in Guinness book of as a oldest and largest Castle.

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Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

4. Mala Stana (12:10-13:30)

mala stana view

Find a cozy café or restaurant to enjoy some traditional Czech cuisine in one of the old town. Don’t miss out on trying goulash, svíčková, or trdelník (a delicious pastry).

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5. Charles Bridge (13:40-14:00)

Oldest bridge in Prague build in 600.

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Image by Thang Ha from Pixabay

6. Old Town Square (14:10-15:00)

Old town square view

Prague’s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage with over a 1,000 years history.

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Image by Loyloy Thal from Pixabay

7. Prague Jewish Quarter (15:10-16:10)

Jewish museum in Prague

One of the few Europe’s preserved quarter telling about Jewish history. Jewish Mesum is located in three minutes from here

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  • Opening Hours 9:00-18:00
  • Fees: CKZ 400
  • Google Map

Image by Loyloy Thal from Pixab

8. Wenceslas Square (16:30-18:00)

New city in Prague, Wenceslas Square

Prague busiest downtown in new city. This is a place where democratic revolution occured. Can find cute cafes and nice dinner place here.

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As the sun sets on your whirlwind day in Prague, take a moment to reflect on the captivating beauty and rich history this city has to offer. From the majestic Prague Castle to the charming streets of Old Town, you’ve experienced just a glimpse of what makes Prague truly special. Whether you’re savoring a traditional Czech meal, admiring the breathtaking views from Charles Bridge, or immersing yourself in the vibrant culture of this enchanting city, one thing is certain – Prague has left an indelible mark on your heart. Until next time, Na shledanou, Prague, until we meet again.

Travel Bee
Travel Bee

Please find the opening time from official website once again since the time is different in Summer and Winter time. Safe trip!