Bohemian Rhapsody: Exploring the heart of central Europe – Let’s see Czech Republic

Town view of  Czech Republic at a glance

Image by skitz_cz from Pixabay

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a land of fairy-tale castles, medieval towns, and rich cultural heritage waiting to be discovered.

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Here, I will be sharing general information of Czech Republic to understand at a glance

1. Basic Information

Czech is located in central of europe as a land lock country

  • Capital: Prague
  • Population and Nationality: 10.5 million (Czech 84%, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Vietnamese 16%)
  • Language: Czech
  • Religion: No religion 68.3%, Roman Chatolic 10%

2. Brief history and Political system

Great Moravian Empire established
Kingdom of Bohemia established as a powerful medieval state within the Holy Roman Empire 
Under Hapsburg empire as a part of Austrian Empire
Czechoslovakia empire established after WWⅠ
Czechoslovakia occupied by Nazi Germany during WWⅡ and after the war, communist government was established with Soviet influence.  
Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two separate nations, the Czech republic and Slovakia. Called as Velvet Divorce
Modern Czech Republic joined OECD, NATO and EU after gaining independence
The Czech Republic operates under a parliamentary representative democratic republic system

The Czech Republic has a bicameral parliament, consisting of the Chamber of Deputies (lower house) and the Senate (upper house). 

The President serves as the head of state, while the Prime Minister is the head of government.

3. Economy

Currency: Czech Koruna. EURO and Credit Card can be used
  • GDP: 2,905 Billion USD
  • GDP per capita: 26,832 USD
  • Country CAGR: 2.3%
  • Unemployed ratio: 2.1%
Exporting Partners
2,420 Billion USD
Main items: Automobiles, Electrical Equipment, Industrial machinery

Importing Partners
2,366 Billion USD
Main items: Automobiles, Electrical Equipment, Chemical products

4. Society

Kroj : Czech Traditional Cloth

Cultural Heritage:People says Czech have Golden hands. They are good in details. Czech society is deeply rooted in its cultural heritage, which includes contributions to literature, music, art, and architecture such as writers Franz Kafka and Milan Kundera.

Camping image in Czech republic

Love of Nature and Outdoors: The Czech Republic is renowned for its natural beauty. Outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and skiing are popular among Czechs.

Image by Frantisek Falta from Pixabay

Cuisine and Beer Culture: Czech cuisine is hearty and diverse such as goulash, dumplings, and roast pork, Also famous for its beer culture, with a long history of brewing and a wide variety of local brews.

Photo by Evgeniy Smersh on Unsplash

5. Technology

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: thriving startup ecosystem and a skilled workforce are growing reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship. Cities like Prague are hubs for technology, research, and innovation, attracting talent from around the world

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Travel Bee
Travel Bee

Whether you’re planning a visit or simply intrigued by this beautiful country, keep exploring and learning about the Czech Republic. There’s so much more to uncover